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Year 11 2022 Virtual Subject Selection Evening

The senior school curriculum at Muirfield High School offers a broad variety of subjects and courses which enables young people to maintain a great deal of flexibility in choosing their future careers and life paths. At Muirfield,  we support our students by providing an educational framework for them to be successful in whatever pathway they chose. Whether it be transitioning from school to employment or preparing for further education such as University and TAFE, the subject selection process at Muirfield provides vital information for students to make considered choices.  

In selecting subjects and courses in a pattern of study which suits their own needs, interests and abilities, it is important that students make a fully informed choice. In addition to advice from teachers, the subject selection booklet and individual student counselling, the following videos should be of further assistance. 

In attempting to re-create our usual subject selection evenings, the school has created these information videos in the first week of lockdown, while still undertaking remote learning and supporting students. We ask your forbearance with any glitches in production values. Please note: the closed captions are auto-generated and thus there are mistakes. 

Click on the faculty links below to find out more about the subjects they offer.