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Australian  Apprenticeships

Thinking about your future, the career of your dreams, or just keen to get out there and start earning? Have you considered signing up for an Apprenticeship?

Australian Apprenticeships are open to anyone of working age and offer you the opportunity to learn new skills and get paid, there are over 500 different jobs you can become an apprentice in.

If you’re not sure where to start, contact someone from the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (Apprenticeship Network) in your area, they’ll be able to answer your queries and help point you in the right direction.

Use the Australian Apprenticeships database to search by post code, city or suburb to locate a Support Network near you.

You could also spend some time on the Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website, explore job and training descriptions, potential careers and more.

You could even start your vocational training, earn a wage and get hands on experience while you’re still at high school, and the training units could count towards your high school certificate. If this is something that interests you, speak to your parents and your school, or contact an Apprenticeship Support Network to discuss your options.

Explore your VET options



Make you studies easier with a scholarship

YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A SUPERSTAR TO GET ONE - some of them just have an ATAR-cut off, others focus on your leadership skills, sporting ability or community service. 

A scholarship is a part-payment or full-payment of your course or study fees (which may also include things like accommodation, travel, mentoring and living expenses). They’re offered because people can see the value of further study and want to remove the barriers to study that some people experience, and to reward students for hard work.

Scholarships generally fit into two categories – one based on your personal achievements, and one that helps people who may have been disadvantaged.

There are also scholarships for special interest groups, such as for the children of veterans, or agricultural industry scholarships.

Equity Scholarships                                                  Merit Scholarships

  • Financial Hardship                                                           Academic Achievement
  • Disturbance/upheaval at school                                    Sporting Ability
  • Remote & Regional Students                                         All-round Achievement Female Students                                                              
  • Community Service                                                        
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  •  Refugee Status

Why apply? Could I get one?

The short answer is ‘Because you can’ and ‘YES’…

While some scholarships are highly competitive, others often fail to attract applicants – which means anyone who applies (and meets the eligibility criteria) could find themselves successful.

Applying for scholarships is good practice for applying for jobs later on, plus scholarships look amazing on your resume, so apply even if you don’t think you’ll get it. You never know what could happen.

Which scholarship is right for me?

First, you could choose your preferred university, TAFE or VET provider, then see what scholarships they offer. If you can’t easily find their scholarships, then call their future student centre and ask them. If you’ve got a good case for assistance, they may offer you a scholarship even if they don’t normally have them.

Or, you could search for scholarships, find ones that would be suitable and apply for them all, then choose your institution and program based on which ones you receive. There’s no limit to how many scholarships you can apply for, as long as you’re eligible.



GoIT Girls 2020

Welcome to GoIT Girls 2020!

This one of a kind, no-cost, week-long work experience program for Year 10 and 11 female students, helps to inspire a new generation of innovators and science technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) professionals. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)’ GoIT Girls is a week-long work experience program that provides an opportunity for over 100 girls a year with the prospect of inspiring them to persue a career in technology

The program
At TCS’ GoIT Girls program, participants meet with senior executives from the IT industry who provide insight into various roles that exist across the business spectrum. They work on a challenge that will require them to learn about the different aspects of working in a technology organisation. The program provides insight into and challenges stereotypes, of the technology industry and challenges gender occupational stereotypes.

TCS’ GoIT Girls work experience program aims to:  

  • Inspire students to consider a future career in IT
  • Enhance confidence and employability skills
  • Provide insight into varied roles within an IT company and the business world  
  • Empower students to design and develop IT projects  
  • Challenge gender stereotypes by showcasing women in STEM as role models
  • Complement the school curriculum

The program has four focus areas:

I.  Technical IT skills
II. Employability skills
III. Female role models in technology
IV. Experiences within the technology industry


TCS’ GoIT Girls is aimed at students in Year 10 and 11 curious about a career in technology. Technical knowledge or experience is not required to participate.

Program Outcomes

  • Over 90% of GoIT Girls were inspired by the program to pursue a career in technology
  • 100% of GoIT Girls agreed that IT offers career opportunities for women

2020 Program Dates


  • 16th March – 20th March 2020
  • 18th May – 22nd May 2020
  • 27th July – 31st July 2020
  •  7th September – 11th September 2020

Students can apply for the program online by clicking here.

For more information on GoIT Girls and the other GoIT Programs here.


A reminder to all your 2019 Year 12 graduates (and parents) that there is still time for them to apply for entry into a degree of their choice commencing in March or July 2020.  

We are partnered with a range of universities around Australia and our counselling service is FREE to all Australian and International students.

We provide FREE professional, transparent and unbiased advice to help guide students through the range of study options into universities and quality higher education colleges.

Students can arrange for a counselling session and campus tour through this link Pathways2uni. Could you please forward this email on to your 2019 Year 12 graduates and their parents?

If you have any questions about our services please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at any time.

Nicole Zabbal | Lead Student Counsellor

M: +61 (0) 425 560 527