Muirfield High School

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About our school

Muifield High School is a comprehensive, co-educational secondary school which prides itself on being a friendly and welcoming is underpinned by explict values of respect, responsibility and community. The school has a high standard of behaviour, marked by good manners and self-discipline. Care for others and for our environment is reflected in our motto one world.

Reflecting the expectations of the parents in the Hills district, the school offers diverse extra-curricular activities and dynamic sporting opportunities.  A rich creative and performing arts program includes stage and concert bands, ensembles and guitar groups. Welfare programs are supplemented by camps, seminars and leadership development.

Established in 1976, Muirfield is known for its innovative approaches to student learning which initially included no uniform and no bells and a temporary name change to Muirfield Technological High School. Muirfield now has a uniform. It has continued to adapt practices to maximise student engagement and achievement.

Students are encouraged to achieve their personal best by enthusiastic and dedicated teachers in a technology rich environment. High achievement is supported through a broad range of elective courses; targeted Year 7 high achievers class and extension courses in mathematics and english. The school offers an accelerated information technology course for students gifted in computer studies. In this program, students undertake their HSC studies in computing a year early.

While Muirfield is at the forefront of technological and innovative teaching, there are universal truths in learning to which our teachers hold. As the often quoted analogy states, "Education is not about the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire". Education at Muirfield is not just about curriculum content, but inspiring a purpose and a passion for learning in students, an ability to think for oneself, and a desire to meet challenges and solve problems. Daily our students grapple with the beauty of mathematical problems, contemplate how things work in science and technological subjects, and develop an appreciation of literature and reflect on their place in the world.

The school has outstanding facilities, including a multi-media centre, an expansive library, photographic dark room, drama theatrette, dance studio, many computer rooms and large sporting fields. However, our greatest resource is our staff, who bring a caring and passionate approach to teaching and learning. Our teachers are committed to developing their skills and knowledge and together we have a strong learning culture for both students and teachers.

Our public website will give you more information about the learning and activities that take place in our school. Please be aware that some links will take you to the NSW Department of Education's external site.