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Student Use of Mobile Phone Management Plan

Rationale and Objectives

Muirfield High School supports the restrictions of mobile phones in accordance with the NSW Department of Education: Students’ Use of Mobile Phones in Schools policy.

Mobile phone use in schools can impact student learning and wellbeing. Restricting mobile phone use at school aims to increase focus in classrooms, remove distractions and promote positive social interaction, while reducing the potential for online bullying. Muirfield High School has strong teaching and learning practices to support students in the classroom using various forms of appropriate technology, which maximises the benefits and minimises the risks of digital environments and prepare students for life beyond school. We foster a safe learning environment which supports and enhances each child’s social and emotional health through our wellbeing and learning support teams.

At Muirfield High School, all student mobile phones are required to be placed in the locked pouch for the full school day, including recess and lunch, from the start of period 1 until 2.35pm. This will mean that students will have a responsibility to place their phone in the locked pouch and store it safely in their school bag for the course of the school day. This is an approved NSW Department of Education option and will limit unnecessary distractions and complement our ongoing approach to ensure every student maximises their learning and social growth in a safe and supportive environment.  Students are responsible for locking their devices in the pouch each morning prior to the bell for the commencement of period 1 or before they enter the classroom if arriving after the morning roll call.

Further, earbuds and headphones need to be stored in student bags throughout the school day unless instructed by the teacher.

As with all valuable items, students are strongly discouraged from bringing mobile phones and associated electronic devices to school due to the potential for loss, theft or damage of the item(s). Muirfield High School cannot accept responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to such items, including mobile phones. These items are brought to school at your own risk.

All students will receive a free pouch that is their responsibility to manage. Should a student misplace, damage or lose the pouch they will be responsible for the replacement cost of $20.


Muirfield High School understands there may be students who have a medical, wellbeing or learning need which will require them to access a mobile phone as defined in this plan. An exemption form is available from the relevant Deputy Principal. The form needs to be completed by a medical practitioner. The school will use the information to determine level of access and the conditions around mobile phone access. If appropriate, the student’s health plan or individual learning and support plan will include details for the terms and conditions for phone use that take into account the student’s medical needs and school guidelines.

Contacting students

Muirfield High School understands there will always be occasions when parents need to get in contact with students or vice versa during the school day. We try to keep this to a minimum, with the exception of emergencies, to avoid disturbing the students’ learning. Parents and carers can make contact with the school through the school office on 9872 2244 and students will also be able to contact parents or carers through the school office if urgent. Students have access to their email account on their laptops.

Consequences for breaches of the mobile phone plan

·         Mobile phone pouches will be checked in period 1 and maybe periodically checked throughout the school day.

·         If students are seen using their phones during the school day, they will be directed to hand the phone into a Deputy Principal. The breach will be recorded on the student behaviour system. In the first instance, the student is to pick up the phone from the front office after 2.35. Subsequent breaches of the student mobile phone management plan will result in further disciplinary action including detention, warning, confiscation of phone, collection of the phone by a parent, formal caution and/or suspension.

·         Students who do not have a pouch, or have left it home, can hand their phone into the front office before roll call where it will be stored securely for the duration of the day. There will be no disciplinary consequences and will not be recorded on the student behaviour system.