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Learning Support

Learning and Support Framework

Students in regular classes who experience difficulties in basic areas of learning and behaviour, regardless of the cause are supported through Learning and Support resources available at Muirfield. Students do not need a formal disability diagnosis to access support through these resources.

Effective Teaching and Learning

All teachers take responsibility to deliver learning programs which address the needs of all students, including those with disabilities in their classes. Reasonable adjustments are made. All staff have high expectations for every student to achieve his/her best.

Whole-school Supports

The Learning and Support Team (LST) leads whole-school planning and support. It addresses the needs of specific students through coordination, development, implement, monitoring and evaluation of educational programs. The LST collaborates between members of the school and wider community; shares expertise and collegial support with the school and wider community and coordinates support services from within and outside the school.

The Learning and Support Team

Core Members

  • Principal
  • Deputy Principals
  • Head Teacher Support (Coordinator)
  • Learning and Support teacher
  • English as a Second Language teacher
  • School Counsellor
  • School Learning and Support Officers
  • Other staff as required

Referral Processes

Students can be referred to the LST by teachers, parents or LST members.

The Learning and Support teacher (LaST)

Muirfield has a LaST at 1.1 full-time equivalent. The LaST:

  • supports classroom teachers with teaching programs and assessments for students with additional educational needs and identify specific learning and support needs
  • plans and evaluates personalised adjustments for learning with the classroom teacher, student and/or parent or carer
  • provides direct support for students with additional learning and support needs through a range of strategies (including direct instruction, delivery of adjusted learning programs, assessment and monitoring of progress) including the areas of social integration, language and communication, literacy, numeracy and behaviour.
  • manages disability provisions for the NESA process
  • coordinates the Peer Tutoring Program
  • liaises with primary schools and implements special transition program for Years 6 to 7 students in need of additional support
  • support HSC minimum standards test organisation
  • coordinates NAPLAN organisation, running and follow-up, and
  • coordinates collection and submission of data for Nationally Consistent Collection (NCCD)

School Learning and Support Officers (SLSOs)

Muirfield receives flexible funding which is used to employ SLSOs (teachers aides). SLSOs assist in the implementation of strategies from students’ personalised learning and support plans.

Some of the whole-school programs coordinated by the LST include:

Peer Tutoring Program

Year 10 students are trained to deliver a peer tutoring / reading program to Year 7 students identified as needing support with reading curriculum materials.  The program is conducted in the library during roll call (extended by 5 minutes), with each Year 10 Tutor working with their Year 7 Tutee.

Year 6 to 7 Special Transition Program

This program is designed for those students requiring extra assistance in commencing high school. Students are identified via contact with all primary schools who have students enrolled for Muirfield, or by direct parental request.