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Parents and citizens association

Muirfield High School Parents and Citizens association (P&C) welcomes all parents to the regular P&C meetings.

Acting as the voice of parents, the P&C has input into the education of their children and the direction of the school. The principal regularly consults with the P&C as the body representing parents. The P&C also provides important services for our young people and the school community, for example, operating the canteen and uniform shop. The P&C has representation on employment panels for Executive staff and for some teaching positions.

The P&C meets every second Wednesday of the month during the school term at 7:30pm in the Common Room located in A block.

The P&C and sub-committees may be contacted by email:

Current P&C Executive

  • President: Charmaine Hetem
  • Vice-presidents: Marie Fahey
  • Treasurer: Christina Sipkes
  • Secretary: vacant 

P&C sub-committees

A number of sub-committees are run by the P&C, providing services to the school community and income for the P&C. The funds raised are used to enhance the learning environment and resources available for the benefit of our students and the school community at Muirfield High School.

Uniform Shop 

All uniform requirements for students are available only at the uniform shop.

The uniform sub-committee meets on the first Monday of each month at 7pm during term time. The sub-committe works closely with the principal and school executive to review uniform requirements. The sub-committee's aim is to provide you with quality clothing at reasonable prices.

The Uniform Shop is open on Mondays 12.30-1.30pm and 5.30-7pm on the first Monday of the month during term time. Additonal hours at the start of the school year are advertised in the school newsletter.  Orders can be placed using the Qkr app.

  • Uniform Shop Convenor: vacant
  • Uniform Shop Treasurer: Christina Sipkes
  • Uniform Shop Manager: Kate Salmon 
  • Uniform Shop Assistant: Amy Jane Hagger


The canteen sub-committee meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm during term time. The canteen relies on parent support and volunteers to be able to continue to provide healthy food at a reasonable price. To register your interest in, please email, using the above email address.

  • Canteen Convenor: vacant
  • Canteen Treasurer: vacant
  • Canteen Manager: Melissa Bouwer
  • Canteen Assistants: Liandi Van Straaten,  Cecile Siu & Wanda Zoghby


Muirfield is proud to have a vibrant Creative and Performing Arts faculty (CAPA) program. The CAPA sub-committee supports the CAPA faculty. For example, by assisting at various performance and workshops throughout the year and with fundraising. If you would like to be on the CAPA committee mailing list, please email the P&C.

  • CAPA Secretary: vacant
  • CAPA Treasurer: Jason Montgomery