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School wellbeing support program - school chaplain

School wellbeing support program - school chaplain

Stuart Brownscombe (Stu) is our school chaplain. He supports students by being available to talk at any time about any issue affecting them or their families. 

While the key tasks of a student wellbeing support officer will vary depending on the needs of individual school communities, they could include:

  • Working closely with, and/or as part of our Learning and Support Team or Student Wellbeing Team and delivering student resilience and wellbeing services.
  • Supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of students.
  • Developing relationships with, and referring students to specialist services within the school or externally, under the supervision of the school principal.
  • Attending Parents & Citizens’ meetings as required to provide details of the program and the services that are available.
  • Facilitating community partnership programs between the school and the wider community, under the supervision of the school principal.

Stu will usually be present at the school Wednesday to Friday.  There may be times when these days change to allow for the chaplain to attend school events or excursions or training. 

He is funded by the Student Wellbeing Support Program (SWSP) to be at the school on Wednesdays & Thursdays (400 hours per year, or 10 hours per week).  He is also funded by local churches and local community members to be at the school on Fridays. The P&C also contributes towards maintaining this support service for students and families in the school.

You can contact Stu at any time, on mobile at 0405 041 339 or by email at

The Chaplain does not attempt to proselytise or convert non-adherents of his religion to his faith. The Chaplain does not provide religious education or perform religious services or rites in their schools.

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Voluntary service

Participation in any program or service conducted by the school chaplain is voluntary. Parents can refer their child to the school chaplain for one on one discussion regarding a specific concern. These referrals can be made by phoning the school office or contacting Stu directly.

Complaints procedure

Any complaints regarding the chaplain should be directed to the school principal, who will then follow internal policies.

Qualifications and engagement process

The chaplain meets the employment qualifications as outlined by the Department of Education. School wellbeing support officers and chaplains are subject to all the required checks as outlined by this document. The funding body is responsible for conducting those checks and providing evidence of the outcome to the school principal.

A prequalified panel of external providers perform the recruitment and selection of the chaplain in consultation with the school principal. The external provider of our school chaplain is Power to Change. The school principal must give their endorsement before a chaplain is engaged for the school. The external provider will also monitor the chaplain role, in consultation with the school principal.

More information can be found on the Department of Education's Student wellbeing support program page