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Muirfield High School is a uniform school and students attending are to wear the school uniform at all times, including to and from school and to school events/activities including examinations..

Muirfield High School provides high standards of education, safety and self-esteem for all its students. The Muirfield High School community see the wearing of school uniform as integral to maintaining these high standards and the positive image of the school in the wider community. The uniform is also a symbol of an orderly and inclusive learning environment. Uniforms are also worn to comply with safety standards in practical areas and to train students in expectations in their future employment. School uniforms are designed to be neat, practical and of good quality.

Particular subjects also have specific uniform requirements for safety, hygiene and workplace learning reasons that are to be followed. Failure to wear the specific clothing may mean a student is unable to participate in the lesson activities.

For safety reasons all students must wear fully enclosed leather school shoes to school, including on fundraising mufti days. Students will be excluded from certain practical subject rooms if their footwear is unsuitable or hair is not tied back. Thongs or open sandals are never to be worn to school, including on mufti days.

The school does not differentiate between winter and summer uniform. There are many uniform options for students who feel the cold to dress warmly.

In Year 12 the tradition is for students to design and purchase a school jersey which is part of the school uniform. The jersey is organised by the Year Adviser. The jersey must be worn with a school shirt. The jersey is not to be worn on formal occasions such as Graduation Assembly.

 We urge parents to support Muirfield's uniform policy and to encourage their child to be correctly attired.

The uniform is sold via the School Uniform Shop which is managed by the P&C. The P&C sub-commitee works closely with the principal and school executive to continue to make improvements to the quality and range of uniform. Regular review and updates are made to uniform items.

Online Ordering System

QKR (pronounced 'quicker') is an easy to use app that makes ordering and paying for school uniforms quick, simple and secure. All orders made on QKR for a Monday lunchtime pick up (12:30pm  to 1:30pm) must be placed by midnight the Sunday before.  Download and view QKR Instructions (PDF 355KB)

Uniform shop trading hours 

Monday 12:30pm—1:30pm Students only

1st Monday of each month (excluding holidays) from 5.30 – 7pm

  • All uniform items will be able to be purchased through the online purchasing app, Qkr!
  • All orders made on Qkr for a Monday lunchtime pickup (12:30pm to 1:30pm), must be placed by midnight the Sunday before.
  • NOTE: Only students are to pick up uniform on Monday lunchtimes from the Uniform Shop

To contact the Manager of the Uniform Committee, please email:

Download and view Muirfield High School Uniform price list (PDF 113KB)

Extra Opening Hours

2024 Times

Tuesday 30 January  (School Development Day)

9:00am - 12:00 noon

Wednesday  31 January (School Development Day)

8:00am - 10:00am

Thursday 1 February (Years 7, 11 7 12 return))

8:00am - 9:30am

Monday 5 February 

Normal trading hours resume: 12.30pm - 1:30pm (Students only); 5:30pm - 7:00pm (first Monday of the month)

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Download and view School bag brochure (PDF 1172KB).